Series of aerial views of BER and Berlin-Schönefeld Airport

Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER)

Information on the airport’s connections and its surrounding area.

Once they’ve passed security, passengers reach their Terminal 1 departure gate via the marketplace.
Open since 31 October 2020: Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) "Willy Brandt"

Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) - Willy Brandt

SXF and TXL became BER!

At 35.65 million passengers in 2019, Berlin is Germany’s third busiest airport location. For a long time, the city had two active airports, Berlin-Tegel Airport to the north-west of the city centre and Berlin-Schönefeld Airport in south-east Berlin.

Since 31 October 2020, all air traffic has moved to the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) in Schönefeld. All air traffic is currently handled in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 (start of operations: 24 March 2022). Terminal 5 (the former Berlin-Schönefeld Airport) has been permanently closed since February 2021, but the associated Schönefeld (bei Berlin) railway station will continue to be served.

Berlin Brandenburg Airport connections
Various regional and suburban railway lines connect BER Airport to the city of Berlin and the surrounding area of Brandenburg.

Download: VBB-Route-Network: Berlin ABC (PDF)

BER consists of two terminals

T1 and T2 are centrally located between the airstrips. Both terminals are connected to the city centre and surrounding region by bus and rail via the railway station Flughafen BER found right underneath T1.

At the airport in no time

The airport express (Flughafenexpress, short: FEX) connects the airport and Berlin’s city centre. On this regional train, the standard VBB fare (Berlin ABC!) applies. The whole trip, from the Flughafen BER railway station to Berlin’s central station, takes approx. half an hour. Please note: FEX does not stop a the Schönefeld (bei Berlin) station!

Excellent rail connections to the city centre and surroundings

During peak times, 6 S-Bahn trains per hour (lines S45 or S9) stop at BER, reaching the airport approx. every 10 minutes. These trains arrive from Südkreuz or Spandau station via Schönefeld (bei Berlin) and Waßmannsdorf to Flughafen BER station.

The FEX leaves Berlin Central Station twice every hour, while regional services (RE8, RB22 and RB23) stop at the airport 7 times per hour. Further connections include the long-distance IC17 from Warnemünde via Berlin Central Station and Südkreuz resp. the service from the opposite direction (Dresden, resp. Chemnitz) every two hours.

Pro tip

Since 28 June 2020, regular VBB tickets have been valid for travel between Berlin Central Station and Elsterwerda on the IC17 train from Warnemünde to Dresden (or Chemnitz). Since 24 November 2023, the Deutschland-Ticket can also be used on this section of the route, and the same applies to the section between Dresden and Chemnitz.

Reach the airport by bus

Supplementing several city and regional buses, the X7 and X71 express buses connect the Rudow U-Bahn stop (last stop on the U7 line) with BER Airport. Travel time is approx. 20 minutes with buses leaving every 10 minutes.

A luxury coach express connection expands your airport travel choices. The BER2 AirportShuttle runs 16 times a day from Potsdam main station via Teltow Stadt S-Bahn station and Teltow regional station to BER Airport. Travel time from Potsdam is a little under an hour and an express charge of 6 euros in addition to the standard fare Berlin BC applies; with a Deutschland-Ticket, the surcharge is only 5 euros. All AirportShuttle tickets are available from the driver.

Flughafen BER railway station

Continue by taxi

Getting the right ticket

Berlin’s transport network is divided into different fare zones. Berlin Brandenburg Airport is located in fare zone C.

Please remember to validate your ticket before use.

Buy your tickets here

Please be aware that all tickets need to be purchased before the start of travel. You cannot buy tickets on S-Bahn or regional trains. 

BER Terminal 1-2:

  • Ticket machines are available inside T1, level E0, near the baggage claim area; inside T1, level E0, near the bus stop; inside T1, level U1, near the stairs and access to the trains; and inside T1, level U2, on platforms 1 +2, 3 + 4, and 5 + 6.
  • Ticket counters are located inside T1, level E0, and inside T1, level U1 (DB Travel Centre, 7 am – 10 pm).

Even easier by app:

  • Download the DB Navigator app (iOs / Android)  to your smartphone.
  • Buy the desired ticket from the integrated ticket shop.
  • Get notified of delays or train cancellations via push messages.  


Airport button: the right ticket in just two clicks!

All ticket machines in Berlin’s city centre now feature a special airport button with an easy-to-spot airport icon. This helps visitors identify the right ticket for their trip to the airport. Depending on the machine’s location, the machine will automatically display the correct fare.

Special deals for tourists

Special tourist tickets facilitate easy, convenient, and affordable access to the city’s main tourist attractions. These tickets are valid for all public transport within the chosen fare zone and period.

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Several buses side by side

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The main station from the front

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