The VBB-Fare Explained

Learn interesting facts about the VBB fare and its benefits.

The VBB: Everywhere Within Reach

The S-Bahn Berlin is part of the Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg (VBB), an association of various transportation companies with coordinated timetables and numerous transportation links. In terms of area, the VBB is one of the largest transportation networks in Europe. This makes mobility easy because the same ticket can be used within the entire transportation system, including the S-bahn, U-Bahn, tram, metro bus, and ferry.

Learn about the Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg (VBB) and its ranges of fares.


On the Go in Berlin and Brandenburg


Berlin’s Fare Zones

The fare-zone system makes it easy for you to buy the most appropriate ticket for either Berlin or it’s surrounding region.

Passenger Regulations

Dog, bike, or stroller - we explain who and what you can take with which ticket.

Destination indicator Berlin Hauptbahnhof (central station)

Passenger Rights

For your information: Passenger rights and the arbitration board

Most Popular Tickets:

from 2,80 Eur
Fare zone Berlin AB

Single trip ticket

One journey within a 2-hour period

from 9,00 Eur
Fare zone Berlin AB

4-trip ticket

Save money - buy one 4-journey ticket instead of four single tickets.

from 7,00 Eur
Fare zone Berlin AB

Day Ticket

Make as many trips as you want on a single day.

from 1,70 Eur

Short trip ticket

Inexpensive ticket for short journeys.

from 1,60 Eur

Extension ticket

Extend your existing ticket to zones A or C in Berlin (not B).

from 81,00 Eur
Fare zone Berlin AB


For one month's travel.