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Fleet maintenance depots

In order to keep the S-Bahns in top form, a routine maintenance check in the factories is required.

A map with locations of the Maintenance Depots
The S-Bahn maintenance depots can be found throughout Berlin and the surrounding area.

To keep our S-Bahn trains ready for operation at all times, we send them to our factories at regular intervals.

Maintenance and repair work as well as overhauls are then carried out on the S-Bahn trains in the six S-Bahn Berlin maintenance depots.

Maintenance for our 480, 481 und 483/484 series is divided into operational and heavy maintenance.

In addition, there is a mobile maintenance service, the so-called mobile route service.

Operational maintenance is performed around the clock, seven days a week and includes the execution of scheduled work, wheel set machining and the replacement of components such as traction motors and wheelsets. The removal of unexpected damage and property damage is also part of the task field of operational maintenance.

The Friedrichsfelde maintenance depot, the Wannsee maintenance depot and the Grünau maintenance depot are responsible for operational maintenance. The Erkner maintenance depot works closely with the Friedrichfelde maintenance depot, while the Oranienburg maintenance depot is linked to the Wannsee maintenance depot.

Maintenance Service in Berlin Grünau with several floors
Maintenance depot Grünau
Working under the train at Maintenance Service Grünau
Indispensable prerequisite: the regular maintenance of trains
Blick in die Halle zur Reichsbahnzeit 1982 mit Bankier- und Stadtbahnerzug

Wannsee maintenance depot

The Wannsee S-Bahn depot is now over 90 years old. A nice occasion for a look back in words and pictures.

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The heavy maintenance is carried out in the Schöneweide maintenance depot. The areas of responsibility include the execution of renovations, the manufacture and reconditioning of about 800 different components, such as wheelsets, traction motors, bogies, and electronic components.


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The repair of accident damage to vehicles, as well as the paint and the graffiti resistant seals are also made in Schöneweide.

The 50 package of measures to continue to operate with the produktion series 481 and 485.
Schöneweide: location for the heavy tasks
Heavy maintenance at the maintenance depot Berlin Schöneweide
Heavy maintenance at the Schöneweide maintenance depot
Kallms reads the memory of the train during the journey to decide how to proceed based on the error message.
24/7 in operation: the mobile route service teams

In addition to the operational and heavy maintenance, there is a third form of vehicle maintenance: the mobile route service.

The employees of this prevention team work directly on-site, within the route network of the S-Bahn Berlin, with the aim of keeping the vehicles in a reliable and customer-friendly state and out of the plants.

The interior cleaning of the vehicles takes place at all plants and maintenance centers. In Wannsee, Grünau, Erkner and Friedrichsfelde, the trains will also be subjected to a thorough exterior cleaning.

For ecological reasons, the washing plant in Friedrichsfelde has a closed circuit and uses the water several times.
Exterior cleaning: S-Bahn in a washing facility
A clean solution: thorough interior cleaning of the S-Bahn trains
A clean solution: thorough interior cleaning of the S-Bahn trains