Reasons for Construction

An overview of restrictions in the service schedule due to construction projects.

Bauarbeiten an Gleisen und Weichen in Grunewald
Track work and rail switch construction in Grunewald

Several companies with highly specialized teams are at work to ensure our red and yellow vehicles are in top shape for service. Among other things, the S-Bahn Berlin maintains the vehicle fleet, while the DB Station&Service is responsible for the construction and operation, as well as the maintenance and production of stations. The tracks, the switches and the signals of the S-Bahn Berlin–which, in addition to the track systems and crossings, includes the Electronic Interlocking System (ESTW) and signal boxes –are cared for by the DB Netz. Regular maintenance and repair work is needed to keep the 327-kilometer network in excellent condition.

Whether it be station repairs, track replacement, or the installation of the train control system (ZBS), these construction projects are planned well in advance in order for them to work collectively. The construction companies work hand in hand with us to minimize any burdens on our passengers.

We like to keep out construction projects in the "background" of the average commuting day; however, despite all our efforts to do so, at times they take on a considerable presence.

Auf das komplexe „System S-Bahn“ nehmen sehr viel mehr Dinge Einfluss als nur Züge und Fahrgäste.

Minor maintenance work

Major maintenance work



Nature conservation


Total track closures versus service breaks

Carrying out several construction projects in the same time frame

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Die Zugzielanzeiger auf den Bahnhöfen geben Ihnen Auskunft über die Ankunft der nächsten Züge.

Information and Transportation Technology

Service and safety through state-of-the-art technology

Polizei-Einsätze können zu Störungen im Betriebsablauf führen.

Reasons for Disruptions

What causes disruptions and constraints at the S-Bahn?

Arbeiten an den Gleisen

Disruptions and Construction Work

Here you can find a list of disruptions and construction zones