Advertising in the S-Bahn

Renting advertising space inside a Berlin S-Bahn train gives your brand optimal exposure from a broad audience.

Unremarkably conspicuous

Advertising spaces that reaches millions of passengers
Advertising spaces that reaches millions of passengers

The S-Bahn Berlin offers you the opportunity to advertise easily and inexpensively exactly within reach to a broad target audience–365 days a year. Two attractive placement options put your advertisement directly in front of the eyes of traveling S-Bahn passengers.


S-Bahn advertising spaces are seen by:

  • more than 334 million passengers per year
  • 1 million passengers on weekdays

The benefits of advertising in the S-bahns:

  • Accentuates your product
  • Individual design options
  • Can be easily integrated into advertising campaigns

All prices on request.

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The Ceiling Panel Poster

High visibility and perfect for direct response marketing

Standard A2 Train Poster

Always in view of the passenger