Passenger Regulations

What can you take with which ticket on the S-Bahn, and what do you need to buy an additional ticket for?

Accompanying Children

Taking Strollers and Luggage on Board

Taking Bikes on Board

Taking Dogs on Board

Transportation of Severely Disabled Persons

Please note that the following rules have been shortened for a quick reference. For detailed information, please refer to the valid transportation conditions (available only in German) of the Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg (VBB).

You will find detailed information about the regulations for accompanying persons, pets, and personal items on the corresponding ticket pages under "Property".

from 3.50 Eur

Single trip ticket

One journey within a 2-hour period

from 10.80 Eur

4-trip ticket

Save money - buy one 4-journey ticket instead of four single tickets.

from 2.40 Eur

Short trip ticket

Inexpensive ticket for short journeys.

from 2.30 Eur

Bicycle single trip ticket

Ticket for taking a bicycle on one trip.

from 9.90 Eur

24h ticket / day ticket

Make as many trips as you want within 24 hours.

from 31.00 Eur

24 h ticket for small groups

24h group ticket for max. 5 people.

from 99.00 Eur


For one month's travel.

from 71.40 Eur

VBB-Umweltkarte Subscription Ticket

Subscription ticket, payable on a monthly or yearly basis.

0.00 Eur

Subscription ticket for Berlin school students

Free subscription ticket for Berlin school students for tariff zone AB