Berlin Public Transportation Network - a Mutual Cooperation

The most important information about the public transport partners (PPPs) we are connected with

A transport association for Berlin and Brandenburg

Partner in the local public transportation network: BVG

The companies of the DB Group: Partner for infrastructure, cleanliness and security

We offer versatile services: a sufficient number of trains plus a nationwide network of customer centers and ticket machines as well as employees on the platforms of central S-Bahn stations, who are happy to provide information at any time. Starting in 2021, we will set a milestone in quality with the new S-Bahn 483/484 production series. The basic requirement to be able to offer these benefits, is a strong work cooperation with various partners who all assume crucial tasks in public transportation in Berlin and Brandenburg.


We will not compromise the trust of the public transportation authority. Our goal is to further strengthen the Ringbahn as the heart of the Berlin S-Bahn network and to offer our passengers a reliable service with quality standards.

Peter Buchner CEO S-Bahn Berlin

The states of Berlin and Brandenburg act as the customers of transportation services that are provided by public transportation companies in both federal states through the local public transportation (ÖPNV). The Senate Department for the Environment, Transportation and Climate Protection (SenUVK) is responsible for the development and implementation of transportation policy goals, and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Planning (MIL) for the State of Brandenburg. The allocation of transportation services is made in accordance with EU law through tenders, that is to say via an open procurement procedure, which is concluded with a public service contract of the contracting authority.


VBB - der Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg
Transportation Association of Berlin-Brandenburg Ltd. (VBB)

The VBB is a so-called task carrier network in the form of a limited liability company. With a space of approximately 30,000 km2, it ranks among the largest in Europe in terms of area. Shareholders are the federal states of Berlin and Brandenburg as well as the local authorities, the 14 districts, and four independent cities in Brandenburg. The shareholders are responsible for the ordering of transportation services provided by the transportation companies.

Numerous transportation companies in the region cooperate with each other in this form in order to constantly improve the range of public transportation services. A uniform tariff for the various transportation services allows passengers to travel comfortably by rail, bus, tram ,and boat throughout the entire transportation network. A right ticket can connect a passenger to the S-Bahn Berlin, DB Regio, BVG or the Strausberger Eisenbahn GmbH.

The VBB also takes on administrative tasks, above all, control and billing functions for the Senate administrations in Berlin and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Agriculture in Brandenburg. Thus, acting as a controller of the transportation contract for the states of Berlin and Brandenburg.

Transportation Association of Berlin-Brandenburg

S-Bahn Berlin und BVG bilden das Rückgrat des Berliner Nahverkehrs
BVG - Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG)

The BVG is is the operator of subway, tram, and bus services in Berlin. It is the largest and most important partner of the S-Bahn Berlin. The BVG and the S-Bahn Berlin coordinate the public transportation system in order to jointly offer services that have exemplary character and diversity  throughout Europe.

Website of BVG

Die Instandhaltung der Schienen und Weichen gehört ebenfalls zum Aufgabengebiet von DB Netz
DB InfraGo - Tracks division (Geschäftsbereich Fahrweg) is also responsible for the maintenance of rail technology and switches.

We are a railway company that offers train services. We work together with several subsidiary companies of Deutsche Bahn, which take over further tasks.