Our 480 series

Operator cabs at both ends of the quarter train make our 480 series especially versatile.

480 series twin unit
There are currently four production series running on Berlin's S-Bahn rails: one of them is the 480 series.

During the Cold War, all Berlin S-Bahn services were operated by the East German Reichsbahn. In 1984, Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) assumed operation of all West Berlin S-Bahn routes – and urgently needed a fleet of new trains.

A first prototype was introduced in 1985 – back then in a blue colour scheme, but this design was soon abandoned. The train’s angular front also met with some initial scepticism, but Berliner’s soon embraced the new series as their beloved “toaster”.

The flexible choice

Thanks to the positioning of driver's cabs at both ends of a quarter-train, the 480 series proved particularly flexible and versatile: the twin unit set-up allowed the S-Bahn to run standalone quarter trains during off-peak hours. The new 483/484 series also follows this design template.

480 series train approaching Hermannstraße station
An S-Bahn ring staple: the 480 series at Hermannstraße station

The first 45 quarter trains were delivered from 1990. A second delivery in 1993 and 1994 increased the stock by 40 quarter trains. Today, 70 of these 480 quarter trains are still in use.

Mind the doors!

Four doors per side: for more than six decades, this was the standard set-up of Berlin’s S-Bahn trains. This changed with the 480 series. The carriage’s engineers broadened the exits to facilitate access for prams and wheelchair users. Now the motto is: all good things come in threes.

Paint those trains!

Our S-Bahn series trains are also available as colouring pages. Just download and get creative!

Technical specifications
Specification:twin carriages
Quantity:70 quarter trains
Gauge:1435 mm
Length per quarter train:36.800 mm
Vehicle width:3.120 mm
Vehicle height:3.600 mm
Floor height:1.100 mm
Seats (additional standing capacity):92 (200)
Bogie axle base distance:2.200 mm
Drive wheel diameter:900 mm
Supply voltage:750 V DC
Maximum speed:100 km/h
Maximum acceleration:1,3 m/s²
Performance:8 x 90 kW = 720 kW
Empty weight:59,0 t
Tensile force:104 kN/208 kN
481 series train at Berlin Friedrichstraße

481 Series

Most of our fleet is composed of 500 series 481 quarter trains, first used in 1996.

485 series train

485 Series

The recently retired 485 series is our most recent historic S-Bahn.

Introducing the new S-Bahn Berlin series look

New S-Bahn trains for Berlin

Quieter, brighter, more comfortable: our new S-Bahn has made the S47 a smoother ride since early 2021.