Safety at S-Bahn Berlin

Together with the “DB Sicherheit”, we ensure safety and structure at train stations and in S-Bahn trains.

Eine Doppelstreife von DB Sicherheit auf dem Bahnhof im Einsatz
Security guards on patrol

No compromises on safety

Our mission is to make all our customers feel comfortable and safe during their trip using S-Bahn Berlin - anytime and anywhere

Peter Buchner Managing Director Marketing, CEO

The Berlin S-Bahn handles the organization and execution of security tasks in the area of ​​security management, which ensures the greatest possible protection for passengers, employees, vehicles, and facilities of the S-Bahn Berlin. Objectively, the S-Bahn is safe, especially in comparison to the public sphere. The Deutsche Bahn has recorded significant declines in violent crime on their premises in recent years.

Rely on better safety - step by step

The Berlin S-Bahn handles the organization and execution of security tasks in the area of ​​security management, which ensures the greatest possible protection for passengers, employees, vehicles, and facilities of the S-Bahn Berlin. Objectively, the S-Bahn is safe, especially in comparison to the public sphere. The Deutsche Bahn has recorded significant declines in violent crime on their premises in recent years.

Our security concept covers the following topics - here you'll find details and background information:


The daily work of our security teams in the region of Berlin

Video technology

Video surveillance at S-Bahn stations in Berlin

Civil penalties

Violation of General Conditions of Transportation

Mobile Assistants for particular cases

We assist people with special needs

Security Tips

Valuable advice for your additional safety


Your Contact Partners in the trains and on the platforms

Our Security Teams

Die Security-Teams werden regelmäßig geschult.
Our Security teams operate twenty four seven and are trained regularly.

Daily security tasks in the Berlin region are carried out by more than 500 security guards. Over 50 of them regularly patrol the S-Bahn network per shift. In addition, the special task forces take care of the "night traffic" and "domiciliary rights ". The night traffic team consists of several uniformed employees who survey the platforms together. They are used on weekends and before public holidays between 6:00pm and 8:00am. They also work around the clock at stations where large events take place, keeping an eye on larger groups and de-escalating any uncomfortable situations that may arise.

Team training

Together with DB Safety, we offer our employees regular internal safety training along with education on how to de-escalate potentially dangerous situations. In addition, employees who work in areas of customer service also learn how to correctly assess difficult situations and when a customer poses a risk. Above all, they learn behavioral techniques to defuse these dangerous situations.

Modernized and Enhanced Video Technology at Stations

Safety though a combination of security personnel and video technology

On behalf of the Federal Police, we have been recording the video images of our train services since mid-2016. This is an important contribution to the investigation of crimes.

Peter Buchner Managing Director Marketing, CEO

Videokamera am Bahnsteig
Video surveillance at S-Bahn station in Berlin

Together with Deutsche Bahn and the Federal Police, we are promoting the modernization and expansion of existing video technology at S-Bahn stations. Highly frequented stations, which sometimes see several hundred thousand people a day, will receive new video technology as well as smaller stations– to enhance the passengers' sense of security. Throughout Germany, DB and the Federal Ministry of the Interior are investing more than 85 million euros in the expansion of video technology by 2023. Only the Federal Police will have access to stored records.

Enforcement of Civil Penalties

Although smoking is banned at all train stations in Berlin and Brandenburg, some continue to smoke and disturb other passengers. Since April 2016, more complaints were received about smoking at the S-Bahn Berlin; we have responded by sending out security guards who issue a fine of 15 euros for violating the smoking ban.

As a general rule, violations of the conditions of transportation are penalized and the house rules, contractual penalties are due.

The transportation companies working together in the Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg (VBB) comply with the conditions of transportation drawn up in the so-called "Common VBB tariff". They ensure that passengers do not violate the conditions of transportation of the VBB and the respective house rules. Therefore, from 2018, the S-Bahn will enforce contractual penalties for these violations through the implementation of security guards. In addition to smoking, these include:

  • Littering or soiling train 30€
  • Unauthorized painting 60€
  • Scratching 150€
  • Meddling with emergency door release 15€
  • Pulling the emergency brake 200€
  • Throwing objects out of the train 15€
  • Theft of equipment 50€
  • misuse of safety equipment on station 15€

Prosecution in criminal or fine proceedings remains unaffected.

Mobile Helpers provide assistance for people with special needs

Sascha Sträßer (left) and Wilhelm Nadolny are mobile case helpers who assist homeless people in trains and stations.

In addition since 2017, we have been investing €65,000 in employing two mobile case helpers who provide support and assistance to physically hard-hit victims, especially those who seek refuge in public transportation and train stations. The goal is to show ways out of homelessness. The mobile case helpers work on site, serving people in need. The station mission at the zoological garden coordinates the project.

Tips to Increase Your Safety

We want you to reach your destination safely and at ease. Everyone can easily make a contribution so that S-Bahn travel remains safe:

When entering and exiting the train

  • Please maintain a safe distance to the platform edge when the train arrives.
  • The safe zone is behind the grooved plates (a guide for the visually impaired) on the platform
  • Please enter and exit the train quickly
  • Please mind the gap between the train and the platform
  • Be sure to observe the departure signals: train conductor announcements, the red signal above the train doors, and the typical S-Bahn triad when the doors are closing.

Safety equipment and emergency aid on the train

  • In the S-Bahn trains, there is a passenger service call button near each door. This connects you to the security control center of the S-Bahn Berlin. The driver can also hear the call for help and respond accordingly.
  • The emergency brake is also in the door zone.
  • Each door has emergency lever to open the doors by hand in case of danger.
  • In each S-Bahn car you will find a fire extinguisher and emergency hammer.
  • In case of service interruption, please keep calm.
  • Always follow the instructions of the staff.
  • Failure of the train lighting system does not constitute a hazard.
  • In case of smoke or fire, please inform our staff immediately on the emergency call system.
  • If there is an imminent danger of death, pull the emergency brake immediately.
  • If the train stops on the open rails, please do not get off.
  • If you witness a crime, please exercise caution. Ask other passengers to help and call the police.

What to do during an emergency

Everything works better with a little consideration. Please offer the elderly, people in need, and young children your seat when the train is full.

Your contact for more safety in the trains and at the station

If you become a witness of a criminal act or if you detect damage sustained property as a result of acts of vandalism or if you require help, don't hesitate to get in contact with:

  • The following people on the spot:
    supervisory staff, security staff, employees of DB Service Stores, employees of our ticket offices or in exceptional circumstances also the train driver
  • The police directorate of Berlin: 0800 6 888 000
  • The nearest police station
  • Safety and Security Operations Center of S-Bahn Berlin: +49 (30) 297 51114
  • The 3-S-Headquarter (Service, Security, Cleanliness): +49 (30) 297 1055

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