Accessible Travel with the S-Bahn

We provide many accessible options for our passengers to move more freely around the stations and in the trains.

A woman in a wheelchair is accompanied by a dog in the train.
A woman in a wheelchair is accompanied by a dog in the train.

Whether it be elevators, escalators, ramps, signs, or guide systems for the blind––accessibility at all stations is a long-term goal at the S-Bahn Berlin.

90 percent of all S-Bahn stations in Berlin and the surrounding regions are accessible.

Accessibility is not just about elevators. S-Bahn stations are considered barrier-free when platforms are equipped with elevators, ramps (with railings and landings), and tactile paving; and when destination display boards, timetables, and signs are at a wheelchair accessible height.

In addition, elevators must have sufficient space and buttons with braille or automated announcements upon arriving at each floor.

Mobility Assistance at the Stations

  • 160 stations of the 168 S-Bahn stations in Berlin and Brandenburg are already barrier-free due to their ground-floor location, ramps and/or elevators.
  • The platforms of 145 stations are equipped with guide systems for the blind.
  • 106 stations in Berlin have Braille handrails on the stairs.
  • There are 238 lifts at the stations.
  • 262 escalators can be found in total at the stations.

Useful: The Journey Planner

You can quickly check to see if a station is accessible with our online journey planner. Search for a connection by entering the start and end destinations.

Under the detailed information, you will find the “i” thumbnail and the word “accessibility”.

You can also search for accessible ways directly by selecting "accessibility options" under "advanced search".

Elevators and escalators that are currently out of order also appear.

Online Journey Planner

Elevators and Escalators

Escalators and elevators serve as entry and exit assistance between the platform and entrance area. Elevators are available at 119 stations.

To the Elevator/Escalator Outages

Viele Bahnhöfe verfügen auch über Aufzüge.
Zur Erleichterung der Wege können Sie auf Bahnhöfen mit mehreren Etagen auch Rolltreppen nutzen.

Guide System for the Blind

More and more train stations are implementing guide systems for the blind in order to offer better service to our visually impaired passengers. The guide system on the platforms consists of oblique and longitudinal tactile paving (ribbed plates). Signs point out exits (stairs, elevators, ramps) and on some platforms, painted guide strips run along the raised strips.

Braille can be found on handrails, elevators, and vending machines. Braille is a system of raised dots that can be read with the fingers by the visually impaired.

Blindenleitstreifen markieren den Bereich zwischen Gleisbereich und Bahnsteig.
Zu unserem Blindenleitsystem gehören auch die Railschriften zum Beispiel auf den Handläufen.


There are ramps at many stations, they provide smooth accessibility between the platform and entrance area.

Einige Bahnhöfe verfügen auch über Rampen, um z.B. für Rollstuhlfahrer besser zugänglich zu sein.

Visual and Acoustic Signals

Visual signals, mounted above the doors, flash warning lights and sound when the S-Bahn doors close. These acoustic and optical signals serve as a guide for the hearing impaired or deaf, as well as the visually impaired or blind passengers.


Bitte steigen Sie nach dem Aufleuchten der Lampe an der Tür nicht mehr in den Zug.

If you would like assistance entering or exiting the train, please use the first doors at the front of the S-Bahn so our staff can assist you. The electronic destination boards display information about the length of the train and approximately where it will stop on the platform.

Mobility Assistance on Trains

  • All trains have passenger cars with spacious sections that cater to passengers with wheelchairs, bikes, and strollers.
  • S-Bahn platforms are equipped with ramps, which serve to bridge the gap between the train and the platform when needed. The ramps are set up by the platform staff or the train operator to ensure safe entry and exit for wheelchair users.

Special Section

Viele Bahnhöfe verfügen auch über Aufzüge.

Train Station Facilities

DB Station & Service offers a comprehensive range of facilities at all stations in Berlin and the surrounding regions.


Train Stations Overview

There are 166 S-Bahn stations in the Berlin metropolitan area and in Brandenburg. The owner of the S-Bahn stations is DB Station&Service AG.

Rolltreppen erleichtern Ihnen die Wege in den Bahnhöfen.

Elevator and Escalator Outages

Find out which elevators and escalators are currently out of service and will be repaired or replaced in the near future.