Ceiling Panel Poster

Due to its high visibility just below the ceiling of the train, this advertising spot is a highlight and the perfect eye-catcher

Ceiling panel placards in the S-Bahn reach a broad audience. The combination of high visibility and long passengers viewing time, makes this spot perfect for detailed information such as web addresses, telephone numbers, and/or prices.

Also a high up advertising impact: the ceiling panel poster
Also a high up advertising impact: the ceiling panel poster

Benefits at a glance:

  • High visibility and long viewing time (the average passenger travels more than 10 kilometers per trip)
  • Particularly suitable for direct response marketing (telephone number, SMS, interactive)
  • Fast and cost-effective implementation on short notice
  • High and extremely economical response rates



  • One-sided self-adhesive film on the ceiling panel above the windows
  • 118 x 20 cm ad space


Booking information:

  • Minimum duraration: 1 month
  • Minimum quantity: 5 posters per booking
  • There are an average of 26 spaces available per quarter-train
  • The service prices include not only the media value but also the one-off expenses for placement, mounting, and removal of the advertising material.