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Station Accessibility

A woman in a wheelchair is accompanied by a dog in the train.

Mobility Assistance

We provide many accessible options for our passengers to move more freely around the stations and in the trains.

Rolltreppen erleichtern Ihnen die Wege in den Bahnhöfen.
Mobility assistance

Elevator and Escalator Outages

A list of elevators and escalators that are currently out of service

Zwei Begleitpersonen und eine Rollstuhlfahrerin warten auf den Einstieg in den Zug

VBB-Guide Service

A complimentary pick-up and drop-off service for bus and train tours.

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The latest timetable changes and attractive recommendations for Berlin visitors can be found here in our clickable, interactive route map

The S-Bahn Berlin is part of the Berlin-Brandenburg public transport system (VBB)

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The latest route maps of suburban and underground trains as well as regional trains and trams can be found here for download

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Background information on timetable changes

The S-Bahn Berlin distinguishes between construction work and disruptions.

Disruptions are short-term, unplanned schedule changes caused, for example, by a medical emergency, a defective train, or a switch malfunction. Due to their short-term nature, schedule changes caused by disruptions may not be taken into account by the electronic schedule information system.

It's different for construction work: Because these are timetable changes that can be planned in the long term, they are always included in the calculation of the best route via electronic timetable information.

Infrastruktur der Berliner S-Bahn - Investitionen in Zukunft

Why Construction Work is Needed

Safety, reliability and on time - we are working on it!

Reasons for Disruptions

Find out why there are disruptions.

Timetable Changes

Advice for alternative travel