Rules of Conduct at the Train Stations

In order for every passenger to feel safe and comfortable, there are standard rules implemented at all stations.

Trains at the station Bornholmer Straße
Station Bornholmer Straße

Please be aware of the following rules on the train platform

  • Keep a safe distance between you and the tracks
  • Pay attention to all markings and warning signs
  • Wait until the train comes to a complete stop before moving towards the edge of the platform
  • Take special measures to prevent strollers and luggage from rolling away
  • Don’t push and shove others when entering the train
  • Keep to your right when taking the stairs or escalator
  • Due to the high accident risk, refrain from using the escalators with bulky luggage, wheelchairs, and bikes.
  • Dogs must be leashed at all times in the stations and on the trains.
  • Aggressive dogs must wear a muzzle.

The following is not permitted

The following is permitted with approval of train station management

Prior notification to the station management is required for

Violation of station rules result in the following consequences

please note that the VBB rules and regulations, as updated from time to time, apply in all public areas of the DB AG in zones A, B and C.

Viele Bahnhöfe verfügen auch über Aufzüge.

Train Station Facilities

The stations in and around Berlin are suitably equipped. Learn more about the helpful facilities you’ll find around the train stations.