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Get to know our different train generations: from the historical, through the current up to the newbies.

Production series 480
70 quarter trains
Production series 481
500 quarter trains
Production series 485
80 quarter trains

Our production series: facts and figures

Three production series are currently in operation everyday in the Berlin S-Bahn network. The fourth series is in development and will be used from 2021 onwards. But what do the the "Coke Can", the "Diving Goggles" or the Babelsberg Film Studio have to do with the trains of the S-Bahn Berlin? The answers are in the S-Bahn crash course - a must, not only for train fans!

Bisher absolvierten die Fahrzeuge rund 2.000 der insgesamt geplanten ca. 160.000 Testkilometer.

Arriving shortly: our new S-Bahn train

Beginning 2021 the new Production Series 483/484 is used in passenger service for the first time.

Romano steht vor unseren S-Bahn-Türen

Future-proofing the 481 series!

A new lease of life for our 481 trains: the fleet’s backbone is getting into shape for the next 15 years.

Current S-Bahn Trains

S-Bahn Production series 481 at Berlin Friedrichstraße

Train Series 481

Our "youngster" was lovingly christened "diving goggles" by the Berliners - inspired by the shape of the driver's cab.

Production series 480

Train Series 480

Quite versatile: Our 480 series offers flexible use with one driver's cab at each end of a quarter-train.

S-Bahn Berlin production series 485

Train Series 485

The 485 series was placed into service in 1987 and was given the nickname "cola can" by the Berliners.

S-Bahn produktion Series Bernau BR 169, delivered 1925

Historical trains - tradition on railway

The historic trains of the Berlin S-Bahn will not only make lovers' hearts beat faster.

Maintenance Depot Berlin Schöneweide

Fleet maintenance depots - the reanimators

In order to keep our trains running smoothly, all vehicles are serviced regularly.

All about the full, half and quarter trains

Trains operating in regular service can only be made from passenger cars of the same series. A quarter-train consists of a two-vehicle unit. A half-train is again composed of two quarter-trains (four vehicles), while a full train consists of eight cars. Mainly, our three-quarter trains (six vehicles) are currently in operation.

The train formation is limited to eight passenger cars due to the infrastructure of the Berlin S-Bahn network (for example: signal distances and platform lengths). For the series 481 and 485, the half-train is the smallest operating unit. Only the 480 series can also be used as a quarter-train as each passenger car has an operator cab.