Start Ticket

You purchased your subscription for the beginning of next month but you want to use the subscription benefits and save money right away? The Start Ticket makes it possible.

Start Ticket Benefits:

  • Bridge the time between the purchase date and the start of the subscription with the Start Ticket and travel with the same price advantage.
  • Obtain the Start Ticket at all S-Bahn outlets and immediately take advantage of your subscription.
  • Start Tickets are available for all subscriptions, except company tickets and Subscription ticket for Berlin school students

Your Subscription

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How much does a Start Ticket cost?

When can I purchase the Start Ticket?

Where can I purchase a Start Ticket?

Will I have the same advantages with the Start Ticket as with the subscription ticket?

Personalized Subscription

Starting when can I use the Start Ticket for the VBB-65plus subscription?

Can I get a replacement if I lose my Start Ticket?

What happens if I cancel my subscription early?