Neue S-Bahn

May we introduce?

Our latest S-Bahn series 483/484 is a real eye-catcher on the track.

Vier neue S-Bahnen nebeneinander haltend, S-Bahnhof Olympiastadion
Zugzielanzeiger S41 einer neuen S-Bahn
A sight for sore eyes! For its many test runs, our #NewSBahn has added a splash of colour and greets future passengers with slogans like “It’s me – your new ride”. The 483/484 series continues extensive testing until its official launch in 2021.
Blick durch Lücke auf neue S-Bahnen
Standwäsche (Normal- und Intensivwäsche) für einen 160 Meter langen Vollzug mit 8 Wagen
Zwei S-Bahnen der Baureihe nebeneinander mit S42- und S45-Beschilderung
Riding the rails: a 484 series train
Service unit
New S-Bahn in driving snow at Hermannstraße station

Our new S-Bahn has arrived!

Learn everything there is to know about our 483/484 series.

Berlin's S-Bahn fleet has been significantly rejuvenated in recent years. Since 1 January 2021, the first new S-Bahn trains have been running on the network’s ring/south east segment. Since 18 September 2023, the last new train of 106 is sent onto the tracks.

Entstehung der BR 483/484

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Production series 483/484: from idea to series model in four minutes!

The brand-new trains offer residents of Berlin and Brandenburg more space, large panoramic windows, air conditioning, CCTV in all carriages, an intercom link to the security control centre, a service column for wheelchair users and state-of-the-art passenger information.

Discover all the new features!

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