Welcome to Berlin!

We look forward to your visit to Berlin and would like to provide you with all the necessary public transportation information you need to get around the city.

A plane in landing flight photographed from below

Airport BER

From the airport directly to the city.

Several buses side by side

Central Bus Station (ZOB)

From the bus to the S-Bahn, and directly to your desired destination.

The main station from the front

Central Rail Station (Hauptbahnhof)

The most important information about Berlin’s central station

Emblem of the Verkehrsverbund Berlin Brandenburg
Emblem of the Verkehrsverbund Berlin Brandenburg

Berlin has a wide variety of public transport options to explore the city and the surrounding regions. These include S-Bahn (local railway), U-Bahn (underground), Bus, Tram, Ferry and Regional trains. These variety of transportation are part of various transit companies in Berlin.

The VBB is a transportation association run by public transit providers in Berlin and Brandenburg. It conveniently allows passengers to travel under a single fare structure.

One ticket for all public transport options!

  1. Find a connection: Use the timetable to find out your desired departure time.
  2. Determine the fare zone: Fare zones are indicated by contrasting shades of gray on the network map.
  3. Determine duration/length: Determine how long and how often you will be traveling to find the most appropriate ticket for you.
  4. Select ticket: Fare and ticket information can be found under the ticket overview.
  5. Purchase ticket: You can buy your ticket at sales kiosks or ticket machines.
  6. Validate ticket before departure: Please check whether you have to validate the ticket. This can be seen on the tickets. Since some tickets are only valid for a specified period, we recommend to stamp them right before you start your journey. The time stamp machines are located at the stations next to the ticket machines. Just slide the ticket into the slot and stamp it.

Fare Zones

Fare zones A, B and C make it easy to find the correct ticket for Berlin and the surrounding region.

Panorama Berlin

Tourist Tickets

Ticket offers for tourists in Berlin.

Woman enter in a poinst of sale and ticket vending

Sale and Contact

Points of sale and ticket vending machines are at your disposal for personal advice and the purchase of tickets.

You can determine your route with the electronic journey planner. Just enter your departure point, destination, date and time and get information in real-time.

Tip: The electronic journey planner also recommends the most appropriate ticket for your journey.

We recommend that you download the S-Bahn app which includes an electronic journey planner plus additional information and features. With this app, you can save your favorite routes to find future search inquiries quickly and easily.

To the S-Bahn app

Dog is stroked

Passenger Regulations

Children, luggage, dogs, bikes, strollers, and wheelchairs - what you can take, with which ticket, and for what you need a supplementary ticket?

A woman in a wheelchair is accompanied by a dog in the train.

Mobility Assistance

We provide many accessible options for our passengers to move more freely around the stations and in the trains.

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