Ticket Machine

A quick way to get fare information and purchase tickets easily.

Fast and easy ticket sales – we have nearly 500 ticket machines that operate via touch screen in German, English, French, Turkish or Spanish. Machines can be found at all S-Bahn stations, usually directly at the entrances and exits. Pay by cash, girocard or credit card.

This is how the ticket machine works

  • Coin slot

    The following coin values can be used: €2, €1, 50 Cent, 20 Cent, 10 Cent, 5 Cent

  • Braille

    Short descriptions for the blind.

  • Ticket collection & change tray

    Includes protective flap and compartment light to aid in the dark.

  • Bill return

    Banknotes that are not accepted will be returned here.

  • Machine nr.

    Please provide this number when filing a complaint about a machine defect.

  • PIN pad for Giro cards and credit cards

    Keep PIN pad covered while entering PIN number.

  • Card reader for Giro cards and credit cards

    Make a cashless payment here. Please do not forget your card; these are not “swallow” machines.

  • Ticket validation machine

    Tickets must be validated before boarding the train

  • Bill acceptor

    The following bank notes are accepted: €5, €10, €20.

Above the field for the EC card payment you will find the machine number
You can find the machine number above the card payment device.

If you have any further questions, comments or complaints about ticket machines and validators, please use the following contact data. Don´t forget to include the machine´s ID number. You can find the machine number above the card payment device.

Don't hasitate to let us know about the malfunction:


Which tickets can you buy at the machine:

  • All VBB tickets that are not personalized
  • Vouchers, yearly tickets, and subscriptions cannot be purchased
  • Select Deutsche Bahn AG tickets
  • Select event tickets

This vending service also provides:

  • Tariff information
  • Route network map
  • Information about our customer service centers
  • Information about passenger rights
  • Customer service and emergency numbers
  • Maps of the stations

Please note that the machine cannot hold a girocard or credit card. It is therefore advisable to always make sure that the card has been removed from the card reader.

Please make sure that you validate your ticket. You can see this on the tickets.

Since some tickets expire after a certain period of time, we recommend that you only validate the tickets before departure. The devices for validation are located at the stations next to the ticket machines. There you put the ticket in the slot and stamp it. As soon as the ticket is stamped, you can start with your valid ticket.

Money with paint stains

In Hessen, it was reported that 133.000 euros in property damages were estimated during a theft at a ticket machine. The looters got away with only a few hundred euros but were later caught and received a 10 year prison sentence. This case clearly shows that theft is not worthwhile.

Dye packs have already proven to be a suitable means for preventing machine break-ins. This and the arrest by the Federal Police of several ticket machine theft gangs have already led to a significant decline.

If the cashbox is tilted or shaken, a high-pressure color cartridge bursts and injects an ink stain on the paper bills. The money is worthless, the crime, pointless.