Information about coronavirus (Covid-19)

Recommendations for action and all current information on the development of the S-Bahn Berlin.

Passengers in Berlin and Brandenburg must wear an FFP2 mask on public transport.
Passengers in Berlin and Brandenburg must wear an FFP2 mask on public transport.

The 3G regulation no longer applies. At present:

  1. Passengers in Berlin and Brandenburg must wear an FFP2 mask* on public transport.
    This was decided by the Senate of Berlin in the Second Ordinance Amending the Fourth SARS-CoV-2 Infection Protection Measures Ordinance.
    The FFP2 mask obligation also applies in Brandenburg.
  2. Where possible, windows should be opened for ventilation, even if the doors open automatically.
  3. If possible, please also keep the minimum social distance of 1.5 meters.

*The obligation to wear a FFP2 mask does not apply to...

Transport performance

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Travelling to vaccination Centres in the Berlin travel zones AB

The locations of the vaccination centers can be found in our Journey Planner

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Regular cleaning of the trains

The precautionary recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute also apply to the trains of the S-Bahn Berlin. The trains are cleaned intensively every day.

Among other things, all handles, recessed grips, bars, intercom units and door opening buttons (inside and outside) are cleaned. Cleaning is also carried out at the terminal stations and in the depots.

Safety note: Doors can open automatically

From now on, automatic opening of the passenger doors can occur at every stop on the platform.

In order to limit the spread of coronavirus, more and more doors are being opened automatically. This means that in many cases it will no longer be necessary for the passenger to press the button.

This applies to all S-Bahn trains, apart from those used on the line S85, which are older (class 485) and where the doors can’t be opened automatically by the driver.

Please note that the doors may open without warning and please inform other passengers if necessary.

Goodwill in the reimbursement of tickets in VBB

At present with the spread of coronavirus, we refer to the existing VBB tariff §10 paragraph 4 part A VBB tariff regulations (only available in german), which state, that it is possible in special or unforeseen cases to obtain a refund on an unused or partially used VBB season ticket, provided that the ticket is returned to us.

Current information about the service points

All S-Bahn sales facilities, the customer service office and the lost property are open.