Information about the coronavirus (Covid-19)

Recommendations for action and all current information on the development of the S-Bahn Berlin.

Together against Corona:

Control of compliance with hygiene measures in times of Corona pandemic.

Passengers on public transport must wear a medical mask in the VBB area and station buildings, inclunding the BVG's buses and trains.

To protect everyone, these legal requirements must be observed. We appeal to passengers to wear a medical mask in all public spaces on their own responsibility – also out of consideration and respect for others. Thanks a lot!

The Berlin Senate has decided to impose a fine for not wearing a mask on public transport.

The obligation to wear a medical mask does not apply to:
- children under the age of six,
- Persons who cannot wear a medical mask due to a health impairment or disability,
- persons whose other devices reduce the spread of transmissible droplet particles, or
- Deaf and hard of hearing people and people who communicate with them, as well as their accompanying persons.

Further information is available on, or via the hotline 0800 5 14 15 14.

Transport performance

The S-Bahn is running at full service.

Connection of the 9 vaccination centers in the ABC tariff area

The locations of the vaccination centers can be found in our Journey Planner

For more information:

Arena Berlin vaccination center

Messe Berlin vaccination center

Potsdam vaccination center

Erika-Heß-Eisstation (ice rink) vaccination center

Velodrom vaccination center

Former Schönefeld Airport vaccination center

Former Tempelhof Airport vaccination center

Former Tegel Airport vaccination center

Oranienburg vaccination center

Regular cleaning of the trains

The precautionary recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute also apply to the trains of the S-Bahn Berlin. The trains are cleaned daily and intensively.

The trains are cleaned daily and intensively. Among other things, all handles, recessed grips, bars, intercom units and door opening switches (inside and outside) are cleaned. Cleaning is also carried out at the reversing stations and in the workshops.

Safety note: Doors can open automatically

From now on, automatic opening of the passenger doors can occur at every stop on the platform.

In order to limit the spread of the coronavius, more and more doors are being opened automatically. This means that in many cases it will no longer be necessary for the passenger to press the button.

This concerns the trains of all S-Bahn lines, except the S46 (only Mondays to Fridays), S8 and S85. Unfortunately, this is technically not possible on these lines due to the use of trains of older design (class 485).

Please note that the doors may open without warning and please inform other passengers if necessary.

Goodwill in the reimbursement of tickets in VBB

In the current situation of the spread of the corona virus we would like to refer to the existing VBB tariff regulations. §10 paragraph 4 part A VBB tariff regulates (only in german) the refund possibility of not or only partly used VBB season tickets against return of the ticket in special or not foreseeable cases.


Current information about the service points

All S-Bahn sales facilities, the customer office and the lost property have been open.