Information about the coronavirus (Covid-19)

Recommendations for action and all current information on the development of the S-Bahn Berlin.

Adjustments to transport performance

In coordination with the Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg (VBB), the following adjustments to transport services will be made.

  • Since 19.3. on, the amplification trips of the lines S1 (Zehlendorf <> Potsdamer Platz) and S3 (Friedrichshagen <> Ostbahnhof) will be cancelled during rush hours. The other frequency will be maintained.
  • Since 21.03. the lines S26, S45 and S85 will no longer run. More information at

Current information on the service points:

Due to official recommendations:

  • all S-Bahn sales points are closed. You can still obtain tickets from ticket machines or via the digital apps of DB or VBB.
  • the lost property office is closed. The retention period will be extended automatically with immediate effect. In urgent cases, e.g. vital medication, collection appointments can be arranged. Please contact the S-Bahn Berlin Customer Dialogue on +49 (0) 30 297 43 333.
  • the customer office is closed. For enquiries about the increased fare and the subsequent handing in of tickets, please use our homepage at: or by telephone: +49 (0) 30 297- 43 686
  • may result in closures and changed opening hours other ticket sale points.

Regular cleaning of the trains

The precautionary recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute also apply to the trains of the S-Bahn Berlin. The trains are cleaned daily and intensively.

The trains are cleaned daily and intensively. Among other things, all handles, recessed grips, bars, intercom units and door opening switches (inside and outside) are cleaned. Cleaning is also carried out at the reversing stations and in the workshops.

Safety note: Doors can open automatically

From now on, automatic opening of the passenger doors can occur at every stop on the platform.

In order to limit the spread of the coronavius, more and more doors are being opened automatically. This means that in many cases it will no longer be necessary for the passenger to press the button.

This concerns the trains of all S-Bahn lines. Exception: For the S46 this is unfortunately technically not possible from Monday to Friday due to the use of trains of older design (class 485).

Please note that the doors may open without warning and please inform other passengers if necessary.

Please help to stem the spread of the coronavirus:

Here you will learn what you can do to stem the spread of corona.

Weitere Informationen und Tipps zur Vorsorge finden Sie unter

Goodwill in the reimbursement of tickets in VBB

In the current situation of the spread of the corona virus we would like to refer to the existing VBB tariff regulations. §10 paragraph 4 part A VBB tariff regulates the refund possibility of not or only partly used VBB season tickets against return of the ticket in special or not foreseeable cases:

  • Tickets of the cash fare with printed validity date can be returned before the start of validity, no processing fee is charged.
  • Tickets for validation remain valid and can be used later.
  • Unused or only partially used season tickets (monthly tickets, 7-day tickets) can be returned, the purchase price will be refunded. Please note that in the case of partial use, two single trips will be charged for each day used and deducted from the refund amount. In case of a longer partial use there will therefore be no payout. If you can prove that domestic quarantine was in place during the period of validity, you can also receive a refund for the period of quarantine retroactively (on presentation of a certificate from the Health Office). No handling fee is charged.
  • For subscribers and holders of job tickets, the applicable tariff regulations remain in force. If the current restrictions are to remain in place for a longer period of time or if they are to be tightened, the goodwill arrangement for this customer group will be reassessed at a later date - depending on the scope and duration of the restrictions.
  • Holders of annual tickets who can prove that domestic quarantine existed during the period of validity can receive a refund for the period of quarantine retroactively. A certificate from the health authorities and the value section for the period of validity must be submitted to the transport company.

Please note: The refund application can only be processed by the transport company where the ticket was purchased.

In cases of regular return, the postmark is valid; in case of illness, the application can be submitted later. In the latter case, please avoid unnecessary trips and stay at home in the current situation.

These regulations, or those updated after the editorial deadline, can also be found at


How do I proceed now?

It is best if passengers contact the transport company from which they purchased their ticket by mail (indicated by the logo on the ticket).

Send your application (form or informal) together with the refundable ticket (original) by post to the following address:

S-Bahn Berlin GmbH
Sales Management
-ticket refund-
Elisabeth-Schwarzhaupt-Platz 1
10115 Berlin

Hints for students on the use of VBB semester tickets

The issue and validation of semester tickets for the new semester is usually carried out by the universities or the responsible student bodies. Since many administrations and student representations are only emergency occupied or completely closed due to the current situation, the following goodwill regulations for the handling of VBB semester tickets were decided in coordination with the federal states Berlin and Brandenburg and the transport companies in the VBB at short notice.