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166, 170, 265, 365, N70

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Mobility Disorders

  • Between southern entrance and S-Bahn platform, track 4 (direction of Ostkreuz respectively Neukölln)

Ticket Office

Presse Dr. Eckert

S-Bahnhof Baumschulenweg
Baumschulenstr. 40
12437 Berlin

In the railway station Hall.

Opening hours: See notice at the shop.


  • Taxi: Baumschulenstr.
  • Info point: 1x (only on platform track 4 (city-inwards))
  • Ticket machine: 4x (2x on both platforms)
  • Ticket stamping machine: 4x (2x each on both platforms)
  • Bike parking: 1x

Mobility aids

  • Accessibility
Departure times
Constructions & disruptions 13