What should be considered when changing tariffs?

We explain what is to be considered in terms of validity, exchanges, and ticket refunds in the event of a fare change.

Wir helfen Ihnen weiter, bei einer Tarifänderung Ihre Tickets umzutauschen.
Wir helfen Ihnen weiter, bei einer Tarifänderung Ihre Tickets umzutauschen.

Tickets of the old tariff are now valid longer

Until now, tickets lost their validity 14 days after a change of tariff and could only be exchanged for the difference at the transport company where they were purchased. The new transition period of 6 months represents a customer-friendly improvement for passengers. Single tickets, day tickets, small group day tickets and 7-day tickets purchased in advance and not yet validated can thus still be used for six months after a change of tariff at the old price.

Validity of tickets that must be time stamped

In the event of a tariff change or modification, unused tickets that have not been validated, such as single tickets, day passes or parts of the 4-pass ticket, can still be used 6 months after the fare change. Tickets that have to be validated, and tickets where the price has not changed, remain valid.

Exchange Deadline

Tickets with the old tariff can be exchanged within 6 months for the difference in tickets of the new tariff. If necessary, a refund can be made.

Exchanges and Reimbursements

An exchange or reimbursement can only be made by the transportation company where the ticket was purchased. Customers should refer to the logo located on the bottom right corner of the ticket. For Berlin S-Bahn tickets, please go to the S-Bahn customer centers. Customers have a five month exchange period from the date of the tariff change. Please note: Customer centers will have longer lines and waiting periods at the turn of the month.

Tariff Changes on Subscriptions

For existing subscriptions that are annualy booked from the accounts of customers as well has those that are paid in cash, no subsequent adjustment takes place. They remain valid until their expiration date. For monthly subscriptions, the monthly charge will be adjusted.