Short trip ticket

Inexpensive ticket for short journeys.

from 2.40Eur


  • Inexpensive mobility for occasional public transport users.
  • Buy as many tickets as you want and use them as you need.

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  • For up to 3 stops on S-Bahn and U-Bahn services, or up to 6 stops on bus or tram services.
  • You must validate the ticket before use.
Information & tips

Save money with the 4-trip ticket for short journeys.

Do you plan to take short trips on a regular basis? Then we have the perfect solution for you: the 4-trip ticket for short journeys. You get two tickets (each one permitting two journeys).

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Buying Tickets
Validity period/usage
from 7.00 Eur

4-trip ticket for short journeys

4 short trip tickets with a discount.

from 3.50 Eur

Single trip ticket

One journey within a 2-hour period

from 9.90 Eur

24h ticket / day ticket

Make as many trips as you want within 24 hours.