Goodbye, semester ticket upgrade to the Deutschlandticket!
Hello, Deutschlandsemesterticket!

The upgrade Deutschlandticket for students with a semester ticket will be discontinued on 1 April 2024 and replaced by a new, uniform nationwide offer: Students at universities in Brandenburg and Berlin can receive the new Deutschlandsemesterticket or the previous VBB semester ticket (depending on the university's contract) since 1 April 2024.

How do I get the ticket? The Deutschlandsemesterticket is available from the respective university or college, which will automatically inform you of all the important details when you first enrol or re-register at the start of the semester. You cannot purchase it directly from the S-Bahn Berlin.


VBB semester ticket

Ticket for students in higher education.


  • For use on all modes of public transport.
  • Permits you to take a bicycle on board in Berlin ABC (in contrast to the Deutschlandsemesterticket)

More information

  • Conditions depend on the holder's education institution.
  • Valid for the current semester.
  • Also available as Deutschlandticket variant.
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Saves students money!

The VBB semester ticket is for students whose education institutions have a semester ticket contract with VBB and VBB's transport companies. These students receive information about getting a ticket when they enrol or when their university of choice notifies them about the start of their first semester. Different conditions are in place for different education institutions.

Please note: Since April 1, 2024, there are two options: Students at universities in Brandenburg and Berlin will receive either the new Deutschlandsemesterticket or the classic VBB semester ticket, depending on their university contract.

Buying tickets
Validity period/usage


Ticket for students in higher education valid throughout Germany

Infos & prices
from 71.40 Eur

VBB-Umweltkarte Subscription Ticket

Subscription ticket, payable on a monthly or yearly basis.

from 57.50 Eur

Monthly subscription ticket for school students

Subscription monthly ticket for school students in Berlin and Brandenburg