Group day ticket for school students

Day ticket exclusively for groups of school students.


  • For an unlimited number of trips together.
  • One supervisor can join for every 10 students in the group.

More information

  • Requires a group of min. 10 school students.
  • Applies up to grade 8
Information & tips

One ticket for the entire class!

School groups can go a long way with this ticket, which makes money go a long way! The price of a ticket for 10 school students is 23 € less than cost of individual reduced-price day tickets for Berlin AB.

Buying tickets
Validity period/usage
from 29.00 Eur

24 h ticket for small groups

24h group ticket for max. 5 people.

from 9.50 Eur

24h ticket / day ticket

Make as many trips as you want within 24 hours.

0.00 Eur

Subscription ticket for Berlin school students

Free subscription ticket for Berlin school students for tariff zone AB