construction work

Threshold renovation/screw hole renovation

Wednesday, 12.06.2024
Friday, 14.06.2024

Affected train traffic

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at night

Priesterweg <> Anhalter Bahnhof

Nights 12./13.06. (Wed/Thu) and 13./14.06. (Thu/Fri), approx. 10 p.m. - 1.30 a.m.
Time changed
  • Interval change:
    • Südkreuz <> Anhalter Bahnhof S-Bahn service only at 20-minutes interval with the S25
  • Timetable change
  • Platform change
  • Please use the timetable information before starting your journey.
  • Line alignement:
    • S2 runs ...
      Blankenfelde <> Südkreuz and Anhalter Bahnhof <> Bernau,
      Please use between Südkreuz and Anhalter Bahnhof the S25.
    • S25 runs ...
      Teltow Stadt <> Hennigsdorf
  • Timetable change:
    • The S2 runs in Anhalter Bahnhof to Bernau 1 minute earlier.
    • The S25 runs in Priesterweg to Hennigsdorf 1 minute earlier.
  • Platform change
    • In Südkreuz runs the S25 to Hennigsdorf from platform 1, platform directing out of the city