construction work

Renewal S-Bahn station Gehrenseestraße (installation elevator)

Monday, 19.06.2023
Friday, 08.12.2023

Affected train traffic

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Wartenberg <> Warschauer Straße

19.06. (Mon), approx. 4.00 a.m. to 08.12. (Fri), approx. 10 p.m.
Time changed
  • no stop in Gehrenseestraße
  • Interval change: Wartenberg <> Springpfuhl S-Bahn service only at 20-minutes interval 
  • Timetable change
  • Please use the timetable information before starting your journey.
Construction Video

Train service

  • Line alignement:
    • S75 runs ...
      Wartenberg <> Warschauer Straße
      10-minutes interval: Lichtenberg <> Warschauer Straße
  • Timetable change:
    • The S75 runs...
      • from Wartenberg to Springpfuhl 2 - 3 minutes later.
        In Springpfuhl there is no transition to the S7 to Ahrensfelde.
      • from Warschauer Straße to Springpfuhl 10 minutes later
      • from Springpfuhl to Wartenberg 8 minutes later.
      • during night service from Warschauer Straße to Wartenberg continuously 7 - 8 minutes later.
      • during night service Fri/Sat and Sat/Sun the S75 to Wartenberg has a 10-minute stop in Lichtenberg and runs from Lichtenberg to Wartenberg 10 minutes later.
  • The Gehrenseestraße S-Bahn station is closed from 19.06. (Mon) 4 a.m. closed until 08.12.2023 (Fri) 10 p.m. closed, the trains run through without stopping.
    There will be no replacement bus service.
    • Please use
      • between S-Bahn station Hohenschönhausen <> bus stop „Zu den Krugwiesen“ <> bus stop „Klettwitzer Straße“ (close to S-Bahn station Gehrenseestraße) <> S-Bahn station Raoul-Wallenberg-Straße (S7) the bus line X54 and 154. (Bus X54 also stops at the two stops on the way.)
      • Another alternative travel option is Monday to Friday, from approx. 5.30 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday, from approx. 7.30 a.m. to 7 p.m. with bus line 294 Falkenberg (tram terminal M4 and M17) <> S-Bahn station Gehrenseestraße <> tram -/Bus stop "Gehrenseestraße" (Tram M5, M17), whereby the road bridge over the S-Bahn station

Overview of the bus stops within walking distance to the Gehrenseestraße S-Bahn station

The pictures of the current condition reveal it: The Gehrenseestraße S-Bahn station no longer fully meets the requirements of modern stations, and in particular there is a lack of barrier-free access.



That's why extensive work is now taking place, the station is being completely renovated and will receive a new roof, new lighting, modern equipment and an elevator, among other things. There will be no stop from June 19th to December 8th. Passengers who start or end at the Gehrenseestraße S-Bahn station will have to switch to buses during the construction period.

The reason for the long construction period and the lack of the S-Bahn stop there is the complex location of the platform and the extensively construction of the elevator, explains the project management of DB Station&Service:

With an island platform, the accessibility alone is difficult, construction equipment and material first have to get there and then be transported away again. Unfortunately that doesn't work here if trains are running. It would have lengthened the construction time a lot more.

In addition, the new construction of the elevator is associated with a lot of preparatory civil engineering and concrete works, after all, the foundation has to be laid first and the elevator shaft made. A pit is necessary.

From December, passengers will be able to get on and off again at the then modernized S-Bahn station.

However the new elevator will not be installed until spring 2024, and then the completely renovated S-Bahn station will also be accessible comfortably and barrier-free.


When will the construction work end?

From probably December 8th at 10 p.m. passengers will be able to get on and off again at the then modernized S-Bahn station..

However, the new  elevator will not be installed until spring 2024, and then the completely renovated S-Bahn station will also be accessible comfortably and barrier-free.