Protection against theft

Effective tips against pickpocketing and luggage theft

Woman with shopping bags in shop
Woman with shopping bags in shop

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Tips against theft

  1. Only carry as much cash as you need.
  2. Never keep the EC card and personal pin number together!
  3. Keep money, papers, credit cards and other valuables close to your body. It is best to keep them in closed inner pockets!
  4. Carry handbags and shoulder bags with the closure to your body and in front of your stomach!
  5. Never leave luggage and other valuables unattended!
  6. Be careful in case of seemingly unintentional soiling of clothing or jostling.
  7. Do not sleep on public transport.

Tricks of the thieves

snatch mobile phone

Escalator trick

Bumping Trick


Night owl trick

Slasher trick

Dirty clothes trick

City Map Trick

Money exchange trick

Bag carrier trick

Knocker trick