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Due to the Corona crisis, there is currently a special regulation for berlinpass and Berlin-Ticket S: berlinpasses expiring on 31 July 2020 remain valid until 31 August 2020. The Berlin-Ticket S can also be purchased without berlinpass until 31 August 2020. For this purpose, the persons entitled to benefits must carry the notice of benefits with them and enter their Bedarfsgemeinschaftsnummer, the file number or the housing allowance number on the Berlin-Ticket S. (Status: 28.05.2020)

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The berlinpass enables Berlin citizens who receive Hartz IV, social assistance, basic security, benefits under the Asylum Seeker Benefits Act, housing benefit, victim's pensions under the SED Unrechtsbereinigungsgesetz or NS-Ausgleichsrente under the Law on the Recognition and Provision of Politically, Racially or Religiously Persecuted Persons of National Socialism (PrVG) to enter culture, education, sport and leisure time at reduced rates and thus facilitates their participation in social and cultural life in Berlin.

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from 27,50 Eur

Berlin S ticket

Monthly ticket for people receiving unemployment benefits (Arbeitslosengeld II, Sozialhilfe, etc.).