S-Bahn Berlin Connect App

A pilot project with the cooperation partner Mobimeo: S-Bahn Berlin Connect includes ticket store, sharing options and push messages for delays, cancellations an construction work!

Your one-stop solution for all mobility options

S-Bahn Berlin Connect App - everything for your trips in one application

The goal of the project was to develop an app with all important functions for local transportation. The app includes a route search with public transport and sharing offers in Berlin and the surrounding area, mobile tickets and a personalized alarm in case of disruptions or delays.

End of the research & development project

Through the development of the Berlin Connect App, we were able to gain many insights. We will continue to analyze these and incorporate them into other projects. The pilot project will thus end as planned at the end of the year and the app will be discontinued on December 30, 2021.

We will gradually scale the app down by December 30th 2021 in three steps:

  1. As a first step the purchase of 4-trip tickets won’t be possible anymore as of October 7th.
  2. As of November 1st, tickets can’t be purchased in advance anymore. All purchased tickets will then be valid immediately.
  3. In the last step, ticket purchases won’t be possible anymore as of December 1st.

You will still be able to use all features apart from ticketing (e.g. route search and push notifications) as usual until December 30th.

Important note:

Please make sure to use all tickets that you might have saved in your account and that you haven’t validated yet until November 30th 2021.


Our recommendation on alternative app offerings

S-Bahn Info App

Additionally, we recommend using the S-Bahn Info App for all information around public transport, S-Bahn and tariffs.

Offers from VBB

As an alternative to mobile ticketing, we would like to suggest taking a look at the offers from Verkehrsverbund Berlin Brandenburg (VBB). Here you can also purchase tickets flexibly and contactless: https://www.vbb.de/en/tickets/mobile-tickets/


Features of the Berlin Connect App

S-Bahn today, scooter tomorrow …

The S-Bahn Berlin Connect App helps you get where you want to go – and by the best route. The app not only displays all available public transport options, but also several sharing choices, including car sharing by SHARE NOW and und SIXT share, electric scooters by Voi, bike sharing by Call a Bike and scooters by emmy. 


Regular plans getting derailed? We’ll let you know

Mit dem Verspätungsarlarm sind Sie immer bestens über eventuelle Störungen informiert

The app lets you set route alerts for frequently travelled routes. So, if your favourite route is affected by potential delays, cancellations or construction work, we’ll let you know in time before you set off. Click on the bell symbol to review or change all your saved alerts.


The fast way to fares

Jetzt Können Sie Tickets direkt in der App kaufen.

With the S-Bahn Berlin Connect App the right local transport ticket is just a few steps away. The in-app ticket shop offers all fares with one-day validity, available for quick and easy purchase via Paypal and SEPA direct debit. To view or display a purchased ticket, just open the “My Tickets” tab. Bonus: a handy colour code immediately indicates the remaining validity of your ticket.


Our partner: Mobimeo

Mobimeo was founded in 2018 as a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn AG. The company offer the best of both worlds: industry insights of a leading mobility brand paired with the agility of a nimble tech start-up. Mobimeo develops digital solutions for the future of urban mobility. Partnering with cities, transit operators and transport associations, Mobimeo helps mobility providers improve and future-proof their service.


A subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn AG

Mobimeo creates digital products based on up-to-date design and thoughtful, intuitive user experience to connect and integrate public transport and sharing options. Their ultimate goal: to provide millions of people with an attractive, comfortable experience on local public transport – and encourage them to leave their car at home.

For further information, check out mobimeo.com