485 production series - our "Coke Can"

First placed into service in 1987, this production series received the nickname, "Coke can" right away.

There are currently three production series running on Berlin's S-Bahn railways: one of them is the 485 series.

This series was ordered in the years 1987 to 1992 by the German Reichsbahn. At the time they were better known as the production series 270 and when the S-Bahn Berlin took over, they were listed as the 485 series. The quarter-train is composed of a passenger car with an operator cab and sidecar.

S-Bahn Berlin production series 485

This series was fundamentally different from the trains that still came from pre-war times in terms of passenger car construction and electrical characteristics. This completely new generation of vehicles at that time was characterized by the lightweight aluminum construction and an electrodynamic braking system. These innovations meant that energy consumption would be reduced by one third.

The originally red-anthracite-colored paintwork earned this series the nickname, "Coke Can". From 2002, however, the vehicles were repainted in the traditional S-Bahn colours bordeaux-red and ochre.

The gradual phasing out of the series started in 2003. Since 2010, part of the parked fleet has been reactivated thererby making 80 new trains available for service.

Technical data
Specification: locomotive/sidecar
Quantity: 80 quarter-trains, each consisting of a locomotive and a sidecar
Coupling length: 36,200 mm
Vehicle width: 3,000mm
Floor height: 1,120 mm
Seats (additional standing capacity): 102 (202)
Maximum speed: 90 km/h
Maximum acceleration: 0,68 m/s²
Bogie axle base distance: 2,200 mm
Performance: 4 x120 kW = 480 kW
Supply voltage: 750 V DC
Empty weight: 60,0 t

Further production series

Production series 480

Train Series 480

Quite versatile: Our 480 series offers flexible use with one driver's cab at each end of a quarter-train.

S-Bahn Production series 481 at Berlin Friedrichstraße

Train Series 481

Our "youngster" was lovingly christened "diving goggles" by the Berliners - inspired by the shape of the driver's cab.