480 production series - our "flexible"

There are currently three production series running on Berlin's S-Bahn railways: one of them is the 480 series. Due to the positioning of a driver's cab at both ends of a quarter-train, the 480 series is particularly flexible in usage.

The 480 series was commissioned after the Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) (1984) had taken over the operating rights for the West Berlin S-Bahn from the German Reichsbahn. From 1990, 45 quarter-trains were delivered. A second delivery in 1993 and 1994 increased the stock by 40 quarter-trains.


Production series 480
Die Baureihe 480 wurde 1986 von der BVG in Auftrag gegeben, die damals noch das S-Bahnnetz in West-Berlin betrieb.

This was the first time that the Berlin S-Bahn saw a three-phase-drive in use. The version as a double-rail car made it possible to use it as a quarter-train during low traffic periods.

Technical data
Specification: Double-rail car
Quantity: 70 quarter-trains
Gauge: 1,435 mm
Length per quarter-train: 36,800 mm
Vehicle width: 3,120 mm
Vehicle height: 3,600 mm
Floor height: 1,100 mm
Seats (additional standing capacity): 92 (200)
Bogie axle base distance: 2,200 mm
Drive wheel diameter: 900 mm
Supply voltage: 750 V DC
Maximum speed: 100 km/h
Maximum acceleration: 1,3 m/s²
Performance: 8 x 90 kW = 720 kW
Empty weight: 59,0 t
Tensile force: 104 kN/208 kN

Further production series

S-Bahn Production series 481 at Berlin Friedrichstraße

Train Series 481

Our "youngster" was lovingly christened "diving goggles" by the Berliners - inspired by the shape of the driver's cab.

S-Bahn Berlin production series 485

Train Series 485

The 485 series was placed into service in 1987 and was given the nickname "cola can" by the Berliners.