New trains built in Berlin for Berlin

The new S-Bahn will usher in a new generation of trains. 

The 483/484 production series in pictures

More Light. More Comfort. More Safety. More Transparency

Berlin's S-Bahn fleet will be significantly reinvigorated in the coming years. The new trains will be introduced to the Ring and Southeast lines starting from the beginning 2021. Deutsche Bahn has commissioned 382 new S-Bahn passenger cars. The manufacturer of the vehicles is a consortium of the enterprises Siemens and Stadler who will produce in the Berlin-Brandenburg region.

With 21 two-car multiple units (483 series) and 85 four-car multiple units (484 series), the reliability and quality of transportation services on the Ringbahn and the south-eastern access routes will significantly increase. The manufacturers guarantee over 30 years of high quality service.

Technical data
Specification Quarter-Train / Half-Train
Quantity: 21 Quarter-Trains / 85 Half-Trains
Track gauge: 1,435 mm
Lenghts over buffers: 36,800 mm / 73,600 mm
Vehicle width: 3,140 mm
Vehicle height: 3,600 mm
Floor height: 1,000 mm (fully walk-through)
Entrances per side: 6 / 12 doors à 1,300 mm
Longitudinal compressive force: 800 kN
Seat capacity (thereof tip-up seat): 80 (20) / 184 (40)
Bogie axle base distance: 2,100 mm
Diameter driving wheel: 820 mm
Diameter running wheel: 820 mm
Supply voltage: 750 V DC (side conductor rail)
Maximum speed: 100 km/h
Maximum acceleration: 1,0 m/s²
Performance: 6 x 140 kW / 12 x 140 kW
Supply voltage: 750 V DC (side conductor rail)
Traction: 104 kN / 208 kN

The Most Important Facts

Area of operation of the “New Ones” and a short summary regarding the opportunities of production series 483/484

Sideview of the Mock Up of the new S-Bahn trains

All Details of the Production Series 483/484

Only 10 months after ordering the new generation of vehicles, the fleet maintenance station in Berlin-Schöneweide presented a walk-through model.

Interior designs: Seating arrangements in the new S-Bahn trains

The "Inner Values" are what counts

More light. More comfort. More safety. More transparency. Learn more about the core values of our “New Ones”.

Worth-Knowing about Vehicle Technology

From actuation to pulling force - here you can find all technical facts about the news 483/484 series

Zeitplan zur Einführung der neuen S-Bahnen

Strategic Agenda

When was the production series ordered? When did the construction phase begin? When was the test drive carried out? Find more questions and answers here.