Things to know about Train Technology

Technical key data and specifications of the new production series at a glance.

From actuation to pulling force – here are the technical facts about the new train generation

A total of 382 new trains will be built:

  • 42 wagons of series 483 (quarter-trains), this corresponds to 10% of the new wagons
  • 340 wagons of series 484 (half-trains), this corresponds to 90% of the new wagons

Series 483: Quarter-Train - fully walkable 2 wagon carriage unit

Production series 483: Quarter Train - walkable 2 wagon carriage unit

Series 484: Half-Train - fully walkable 4 wagon carriage unit

Series 484: Half-Train - fully walkable 4 wagon carriage unit

More active redundancy in actuator

Even within the quarter-trains, all operation-relevant components are provided twice. This means that the other car of the quarter-train remains fully powered in the event of a service disruption.

Each quarter-train is equipped with a magnetic rail brake, each half-train operates with two magnetic rail brakes.This ensures safe braking, even in unfavorable weather conditions, without having to implement any restrictions (such as reducing speed).

Vehicle details
Specification Quarter-Train / Half-Train
Quantity: 21 Quarter-Trains / 85 Half-Trains
Track gauge: 1435 mm
Lenghts over buffers: 36800 mm / 73600 mm
Vehicle width: 3140 mm
Vehicle height: 3600 mm
Floor height: 1000 mm (fully walk-through)
Entrances per side: 6 / 12 doors à 1300 mm
Longitudinal compressive force: 800 kN
Seat capacity (thereof tip-up seat): 80 (20) / 184 (40)
Bogie axle base distance: 2100 mm
Diameter driving wheel: 820 mm
Diameter running wheel: 820 mm
Supply voltage: 750 V DC (side conductor rail)
Maximum speed: 100 km/h
Maximum acceleration: 1,0 m/s²
Performance: 6 x 140 kW / 12 x 140 kW
Supply voltage: 750 V DC (side conductor rail)
Traction: 104 kN / 208 kN