New Model of the Production Series 483/484

Get to know the features of our new production series 483/484

Only ten months after ordering the new generation of vehicles, the Schöneweide depot had a walkable passenger car model ready. Numerous passengers were able to get acquainted with the new series.

Things to Know about the New Trains

The walkable S-Bahn model at the provisional platform in Berlin Schöneweide

The scaled model of the passenger car is very realistic with its exterior and interior design and front end and side views. The entrance areas and passenger compartments are completely designed and already equipped with important functionalities.


A frontal view - here still without red color gardient

While the vehicle body is made of wood, the interior is mainly built from original parts. These include seats, handrails, lighting, and flooring. Individual doors are fully functional and equipped with the necessary acoustic and visual signals. Other functions, such as passenger electronic information boards, intercom stations, and air conditioning are sample model parts.


Precision Work From the Film Studios in Babelsberg

The car model made in the Babelsberg Film Studio serves as a tool and supports engineers and designers in the final development and construction of real passenger car bodies. Modifications from focus and test groups can be checked for their feasibility.


Built in detail at Filmpark Babelsberg: the vehicle-model of the new S-Bahn
Black doors with optical signals

Four-Week Laboratory Test

With around 400 selected representative passengers and representatives of associations, a four-week laboratory test was held in October. In a questionnaire, the participants contributed their impressions, wishes, and reviews of the exterior and interior design as well as the equipment and functionalities. The results influenced the further development process of the new series. More than 2,000 interested people applied to participate.


Interior designs: Seating arrangements in the new S-Bahn trains
One of many alternations in the interior: blue seat upholstery
Multipurpose compartment: Interior with markings and utility space
Interior with markings and utility space

The details of the design of the passenger compartment and the exterior color scheme are still undecided and in the multi-stage design process and vary from the designs shown here.