Most important Facts about the New Train

More about the operational area and a short summary to the question: "What can the series 483/484 do?”

In Service in 2021

Linemap: Area of operation of the new S-Bahn trains

Manufacturer-consortium, Siemens/Stadler and S-Bahn Berlin has scheduled the construction phase for the new S-Bahn generation to be completed by autumn 2017. Partial production has been taking place since summer 2017. Assembly will begin after the construction phase. From autumn 2018, technical testing began on a test site in North Rhine-Westphalia and on the S-Bahn Berlin network from the late summer of 2019.

The new trains of the 483/484 series will be used on the Ring/Southeast sub network. Starting January 2021, the trains will be in operation on the S47 line between Südkreuz and Spindlersfeld. By the year 2023, the existing 85 four-car units and further 21 two-car units will replace the old trains on the S46, S8 and the S41/S42 ring lines.

Short Technical Overview:

  • High redundancy of the operation system, a separate input unit per passenger car
  • Top speeds up to 100 km/h
  • Significantly reduced noise
  • Flexible use of vehicles with two operator cabs on each side of the passenger car


  • Spacious entry areas with vitrified glass walls
  • Larger multi-purpose areas with utility space for strollers and bicycles
  • Modern and easy-to-maintain interior containing horizontal support bars with grip straps
  • Air conditioned passenger areas
  • Modern passenger information system
  • Special wheelchair area in close proximity of the operator
  • Modern ergonomically designed passenger seats


  • Ergonomic and air-conditioned operator cab
  • High flexibility and easy cleaning access thanks to cantilever seat attachment in the passenger area


  • Outdoor and indoor cameras with view from operator cab

The details of the design of the passenger compartment and the exterior color scheme are still in the multi-stage design process and vary from the designs shown here.