"Inner Values" are what counts

More light. More comfort. More safety.: Discover the main features of our new series 483/484.

Arrangement of the Interior Space

Interior layout of the new S-Bahn

More comfort and increased safety infulence the light-flooded interior of the new vehicle generation. Large windows and glass wall dividers ensure transparency. All passenger cars are equipped with a video surveillance system.

The interior layout is based on proven concepts. In addition to the classic quadruple group of seats, multipurpose utility areas with side seating are also available, providing sufficient space for luggage, strollers, and bicycles.

Wheelchair spaces in the immediate vicinity of the operators cab and gap-free entry and exit options make the new vehicles barrier-free.

Entrance Area
Model of the new S-Bahn: the door area from the outside

The dark gray entrance areas are timeless and modern, ensuring that even after heavy usage, they will keep their clean appearance for over time.

The black lacquered doors are very noticable in contrast to the rest of the train, ensuring that visually impaired people can easily recognize the entrances and exits.

Multipurpose Compartment
Multipurpose compartment: Interior with markings and utility space
Interior with markings and utility space

Horizontal handrails with straps are attached along the length of the upper interior to ensure a secure grip for standing in any position.

The floor is made of a durable and non-slip material. It is matt finished to avoid distracting reflections. The sides are rounded off to facilitate in cleaning.


Vehicle Equipment
Interior designs: Seating arrangements in the new S-Bahn trains
Seating areas in the new S-Bahn

The ergonomically shaped individual seats are covered with a soft but sturdy fabric. The dark blue plaid fabric is also resistant to dirt.

The stainless steel handrails stand out from the bright environment thus aiding visually impaired people.

Airconditioned for the first time

The air conditioning feature provides an extra level of comfort in the passenger compartment and is being implemented for the first time in a series of Berlin S-Bahn trains. The automatic door closure is better timed after passengers leave and board the train keeping the cooling or heating of the interior stable in extreme outside temperatures.

Due to the lack of height in the passenger cars, the air conditioners are embedded both on the ceilings of the cars, over the seating areas, as well as under the floors.

Passenger Information in Real-Time

A dynamic passenger information system makes it easier for S-Bahn customers to find their way. In addition to the route and destination display, side LED monitors in the passenger compartment will display information and connections during the course of the journey based on real-time data. On the outside the passenger car, the route and destination are displayed not only in the front and rear of the train, but also on the sides, towards the platforms.

Exterior (left) and interior (right) positioned destination indicators at new S-Bahn trains

The details of the design of the passenger compartment and the exterior color scheme are still undecided and in the multi-stage design process and vary from the designs shown here.