Train Series 481 - our "Youngster"

There are currently three train series running on Berlin's S-Bahn railways: one of them is the 481 series
This series was delivered in the years from 1996 to 2004 and is called "Our Youngsters".

S-Bahn Berlin production series 481

The 481 series is the youngest of the S-Bahn Berlin. From 1996 to 2004, the manufacturer Bombardier/Adtranz delivered a total of 500 quarter-trains (two cars). Of these, six quarter-trains were delivered to the S-Bahn Berlin as three continuous accessible half-trains (two-quarter trains). Among other features, the trains are equipped with large multi-purpose and utility compartments.

Passenger information in the train is provided by a scrolling LED display and an automatic announcement system. Safety is enhanced by consistency, a simple emergency call, and a vandalism-resistant design.

The series was lovingly called "Diving Goggles" by Berliners - a name that was inspired by the shape of the window of the driver’s cab.

Vehicle details

Technical data
First presentation: 22. Februar 1996
Commissioned on:ab 10. Dezember 1996
Gauge:1.435 mm
Coupling length:36.800 mm
Vehicle width:3.140 mm
Vehicle width:3.585 mm
Floor height:1.000 mm
Seats (additional standing capacity):94 (200)
Bogie axle base distance:2.200 mm
Wheel diameter:820 mm
Supply voltage:750 V DC
Maximum speed:100 km/h
Maximum acceleration:1,0 m/ s²
Performance:6 x 97,5 kW = 585 kW
Empty weight:59 t

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