481 production series - our "Youngster"

This trains were delivered in the years from 1996 to 2004 and are called our "Youngsters".

Romano steht vor unseren S-Bahn-Türen

Get in and find out what’s new

A new lease of life for our trains: This is how we make the 481 series fit for the future.

There are currently three production series running on Berlin's S-Bahn railways: one of them is the 481 series.

The 481 series is the youngest of the S-Bahn Berlin. From 1996 to 2004, the manufacturer Bombardier/Adtranz delivered a total of 500 quarter-trains (two cars). Of these, six quarter-trains were delivered to the S-Bahn Berlin as three continuous accessible half-trains (two-quarter trains). Among other features, the trains are equipped with large multi-purpose and utility compartments.

S-Bahn Berlin production series 481
The 481 series is currently the most widely used in Berlin.

Passenger information in the train is provided by a scrolling LED display and an automatic announcement system. Safety is enhanced by consistency, a simple emergency call, and a vandalism-resistant design.

The series was lovingly called "Diving Goggles" by Berliners - a name that was inspired by the shape of the window of the driver’s cab.

Technical data
First presentation: February 22nd, 1996
Commissioned on: from 10 December 1996
Specification: quarter-train
Quantity: 500
Gauge: 1,435 mm
Coupling length: 36,800 mm
Vehicle width: 3,140 mm
Vehicle width: 3,585 mm
Floor height: 1,000 mm
Seats (additional standing capacity): 94 (200)
Bogie axle base distance: 2,200 mm
Wheel diameter: 820 mm
Supply voltage: 750 V DC
Maximum speed: 100 km/h
Maximum acceleration: 1,0 m/ s²
Performance: 6 x 97,5 kW = 585 kW
Empty weight: 59 t

Further production series

Production series 480

Train Series 480

Quite versatile: Our 480 series offers flexible use with one driver's cab at each end of a quarter-train.

S-Bahn Berlin production series 485

Train Series 485

The 485 series was placed into service in 1987 and was given the nickname "cola can" by the Berliners.

Illustration of the new trains of the S-Bahn Berlin

New trains for Berlin

S-Bahn Berlin will herald the start of a new vehicle generation. Here you will receive any information you want to know about the new trains.