Trains in Service

Currently these series are moving millions of passengers on Berlin's rails.

Production series 480
70 quarter trains
Production series 481
500 quarter trains
Production series 485
80 quarter trains

At the moment our vehicle fleet consists of 650 quarter trains of the production series 481,480 and 485

To ensure that everything runs smoothly until the implementation of the new 483/484 production series, the S-Bahn 480 and 485 series are given a comprehensive safety and reliability check.


The "50-Step" package of measures

A "50-Step Check" makes the red and yellow classics fit for further use until 2023. This is a contractual agreement made by the states of Berlin and Brandenburg with the S-Bahn Berlin, which also includes the new contract for the Ring/Southeast sub-network.

Over a period of four years, local railway transportation authorities will invest around €150 million in the upgrading of 70 series 480 trains and 80 series 485 trains. Most of the revamping will take place at the S-Bahn’s plant for heavy maintenance in Berlin-Schöneweide. 


It is important that the S-Bahn remains a reliable means of transportation for the commuters from Brandenburg. We support the technical upgrading of the older series in order to ensure a more stable vehicle.

Ines Jesse State Secretary in the Brandenburg Ministry of Infrastructure and Planning

Project longevity: renovation of the old series

Inspections for the 480 series include the powertrain, gearbox, and bogie frame.

In addition to the many small repairs, the 485 series requires minor interior modifications to make the vehicle lighter. This is mainly due to new technology, such as the operator assistance system, FASSI, that adds extra weight to the vehicle.

The S-Bahn has also launched a program to increase the longevity of the 481 series. This series will be the backbone of the vehicle fleet until the new fleet is introduced in 2033.



Discover our present production series in detail:

Series 481 - Our "Youngster"

This series was delivered in the years from 1996 to 2004 and thereby dubbed "Our Youngsters".

Series 480 - Our "Flexible"

Operator cabs are located at both ends of the passenger car for more flexible running service.

Series 485 - Our "Coke Can"

First placed into service in 1987, it received the nickname, „Coke Can“ right away.

New S-Bahn Trains for Berlin and Brandenburg

Berliners and Brandenburgers will get to experience this new vehicle generation in 2021.

Maintenance Depots - The Reanimators

In order to keep the S-Bahns in top form, a routine maintenance check in the factories is required.