Quality Campaign "S-Bahn Plus"

Quality drive: "S-Bahn Plus"

Deutsche Bahn will invest more than EUR 30 million in a comprehensive programme designed to improve quality, punctuality and service

S-Bahn Berlin has launched its to-date most extensive quality initiative, S-Bahn PLUS, to boost the network’s quality, punctuality and service. Deutsche Bahn will invest more than EUR 30 million in measures to a. o. structurally improve stations, replace hundreds of safety and control system installations and train an additional 100 train drivers per year. 50 employees, assigned to interdisciplinary project teams, have spent the past months analysing the S-Bahn’s complex operational processes. The result: a quality-focused programme comprising 180 individual elements.


It’s our mission to get 1.4 million passengers per day to their destination – reliably and on time. Since we’re not always satisfied with our own performance, we decided to review all our processes.

The result is an extensive list of measures designed to effect significant improvements across all areas.

Peter Buchner CEO and Managing Director Marketing

All companies and subsidiaries involved in S-Bahn operations are collaborating on this quality campaign: S-Bahn Berlin GmbH, DB Netz AG, DB Station&Service AG and DB Energie GmbH. While we already expect to see positive effects this year, the entire programme should be finished by 2025.


Some examples:

At the stations:

  • More staff and more frequent cleaning services at stations
  • Structural improvements to 17 stations (focus on entrances and access areas), wall decorations at further stations
  • Renewal of passenger information terminals
  • Pilot project: additional security at stations like Warschauer Straße and Alexanderplatz, supplemented by
  • Five S-Bahn watches and mobile support groups
  • Doors at the end of platforms to prevent unauthorised access to railway tracks (“passengers on the line”). A pilot project will launch at Ostbahnhof.

On the train:

  • Additional train drivers
  • Centrally controlled door opening during rush hour at key stations (test run starts on July 23rd on the route connecting Ostkreuz and Hauptbahnhof).

Related to the network and energy supply:

  • Expansion of predictive maintenance
  • Modernisation and upgrade of IT, energy supply, network technology
  • Shorter infrastructure maintenance intervals
  • Expansion of energy supply network by 22 additional DC substations
  • Establishment of a central interface for all 15 electronic signal boxes for faster malfunction detection
  • Replacement of 915 control, signalling and safety technology installations that are prone to disruptions

Inside the carriages:

  • Renewal of door relays for a significant reduction in door malfunctions of the 481 series
  • Prioritisation of measures that prevent heat-related train cancellations (complex ventilation installation for technology housing of the 481 series)

Additional measures that are already in place
(as part of the transport contracts):

  • Procurement of new carriages (483/484 series) and transformation of the Grünau workshop (EUR 900 million).
  • Comprehensive technical overhaul of the 480, 485 and 481 series by 2023 (EUR 250 million).

 “The S-Bahn of Germany’s capital region is part of Deutsche Bahn’s core business. That’s we carried out a thorough analysis across all areas of business to see how we could improve quality further”, adds Alexander Kaczmarek, DB Representative for the federal state of Berlin. “To this end, all project members from different areas of the company worked hand in hand. Because we want all Berliners to be proud of their S-Bahn again.”

    Noticeable measures:

    Since most changes and upgrades happen behind the scenes, you probably won’t notice many measures or pilot projects directly.

    Centrally controlled door opening

    Platform announcements